Quality Commitment

 Fruits and vegetables are near perfection when first harvested. Vibrant red tomatoes, juicy oranges and crisp green peppers are just naturally delicious, and their nutrients are at peak levels the moment they are picked. Unfortunately produce can take a roundabout road from the farm to your table, as supermarkets often move products through several warehouses before it is put on display in the store.

At Blue Sky Green Fields, we take pride in selling only the freshest fruits and vegetables that have been properly maintained along the supply chain. Our produce comes direct from a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art fulfillment facility, where individual orders are inspected, packed and shipped quickly to your pickup location. This process eliminates several days of warehousing. You will see and taste the difference in every order. Our succulent crimson grapes, sweet yellow corn and mouthwatering berries will brighten your plate and overwhelm your palate with flavor. Seasonal offerings such as peaches and apricots are carefully planned to ensure that perfect blend of texture and taste, while items we sell year-round are procured from trusted sources whose unwavering quality standards are consistent with our own.

We're so sure you'll love the quality of Blue Sky Green Fields' produce that we back our products with a 100% Quality Guarantee. In addition to our unbeatable prices, these are just a few reasons why our quality-conscious customers shop the Blue Sky Green Fields each week.

Feel free to contact us at customerservice@blueskygreenfields.com or by calling 216-912-7515.