Our Customers

Government, academic, health, non-profit, and financial organizations trust us with their wellness initiatives, fundraising efforts, and employee perks coupled with the convenience and 100% quality guarantee offered.  To view a full listing, visit our member registration page and scroll the drop down list of companies we work with. 


"Blue Sky Green Fields is a great partner of ours in our corporate wellness initiatives. They offer time saving, high quality, affordable and healthy menu options for our employees. They deliver right to our office on a weekly basis and their products are fresher than I've seen in the local markets. So easy to shop online. We couldn't be more pleased." Judy, Vice President Human Resources at Park Place Technologies

"Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I LOVED your service last week! The product was GREAT! And my husband loved it because we could order what we wanted."  - Marci,The Lincoln Electric Company

"I have been extremely happy with the selection, quality and price – on top of the extraordinary convenience." - Shanna, Hyland Software, Inc.

"BlueSkyGreenFields is an excellent example of a private company assisting the needs of our community. It helps us a public health agency to promote behaviors by reducing barriers and increasing access. In addition it is an essential part of our employee wellness efforts and a partner in our fight against obesity. Best thing, no cost to our agency and no staff complaints after an entire year! It's a no-brainer!" - Ron, Deputy Health Commissioner

I"'m a busy working Mom so I love being able to get a portion of my weekly grocery shopping done through your service and delivered right to our office. Often times, your products are less expensive than the big chain grocery store near my house and you offer a better selection. It's a Win-Win! I really like the addition of recipes to your site. I just ordered the fried green tomato kit - can't wait to make them with my children... the "just add water" sounds right up their alley!" - Sharon, Marous Brothers

"Just wanted to say I loved every item I have purchased from BlueSkyGreen Fields,from the sweet peaches,and nectarines, to the mangos,and pineapples,and oranges. Keep up the great work.  And this is really helping others like myself who do not eat the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis." - Telisa - Safeguard Properties

"This went over really well for our contribution for the Thanksgiving meal. Somebody else brought potatoes and we were amazed at the quality of the store-bought ones. Blue Sky's vegetables "popped" with color, the others were drab right out of the packaging. The recipe was great. Like being able to pick up "Ready Made" recipe bundles!" - Dyllys

"I just wanted to let you know that I ordered yesterday and received my order today.  I am so pleased with what I ordered.  The grapefruits are huge and 100% better then I can get in the store.  The cucumbers and lettuce were also very good.  I told a friend, Julie who ordered yesterday as well and she is very pleased with her order as well.  Just wanted to say Thank You for providing this service, it is great." - Janice, Key Bank


Looking for a list of references?  Contact us anytime and we will gladly provide a list of references for you to contact.  Info@blueskygreenfields.com or 216-912-7515.