Corporate Wellness

A Fresh Idea in Corporate Wellness

Whether the goal is to control healthcare costs, improve productivity or decrease turnover, wellness programs have become an essential component of the modern HR agenda. From onsite health screenings to exercise and nutrition classes, a broad range of resources are being utilized to help workers maintain healthy lifestyles.
When these initiatives are expanded to include more services, the corporate wellness program becomes an invaluable perk for employees. With workers juggling busy schedules both on the job and at home, resources that offer convenience in addition to wellness benefits are particularly attractive.
That's why so many companies are getting healthy with the Blue Sky Green Fields Market, a program that gives workers the resources they need to develop better eating habits. With Blue Sky Green Fields, employees can buy fresh produce and other all-natural foods online at consistently low prices and have orders delivered to work as often as each week.
This simple initiative can impact the nutritional health of employees and their families on a daily basis, making it the perfect complement to your ongoing wellness efforts.

    •    Fresh produce from independently certified growers and distributors
    •    Consistently low prices
    •    Every order is individually packed and labeled
    •    Employees get FREE delivery to the workplace
    •    No minimum order
    •    100% quality guarantee on every order
    •    Easy to implement, nothing to manage
And if you're already serious about wellness, try replacing candy dishes and doughnuts with our premium fruit bowls or crates, which can be delivered fresh as often as each morning.
Your staff will love these programs, and getting up and running is a breeze. Call 216-912-7515 or email us at for more information.